Friends of the Madawaska Watershed

The proposed Chippawa Shores development is not responsive to the concerns of Madawaska Valley and area Residents.

This petition is to express opposition to the proposed zoning changes and associated draft conditions for development relating to the 44 lots proposed in the Chippawa Shores development.

The zoning changes proposed would allow an additional 44 dwellings on a parcel of land that under current zoning, would permit one additional dwelling. The parcel of land encompasses seven wetlands, three sensitive lakes, and a large portion of undeveloped shoreline along the Madawaska River.
Not only do the current draft conditions for development ignore concerns raised by Madawaska Valley residents and landowners,
they also ignore environmental protection recommendations of the independent peer reviewers hired by the County.

If this development goes forward in its current form it will allow for degradation of the wetlands, lakes, and river shoreline, increase crowding on the river and lakes, and destabilize the shoreline along the Madawaska River.

Please support our Council and Neighbours by signing this petition

to encourage our Council to reject the re-zoning of the Chippawa Shores property

until the Developer submits a proposal that respects fully, the recommendations of the independent scientific studies and significantly reduces the potential for negative impacts on the environment and the community.