Friends of the Madawaska Watershed

Privacy Policy

The mission of this informal group is to address certain issues related to the proposed rezoning and subsequent development of the lands surrounding the former
Chippawa Lodge.

Privacy Policy:

The information you provide to us by completing our petition will be stored safely on a password-protected Google Drive.
We do not use cookies or any other additional data collection devices.

When our campaign has reached a conclusion, we will delete all records of your personal information in our possession.

In our course of actions, your information may be included as part of the record of petition presented to Municipal officials, or other government agencies concerned with the course of the Chippawa development.

We may also use your email address to provide occasional updates.
The petition provides an opt-out option for these future communications.

If, at any time, you wish us to remove your name from the petition or from our email list, we do so by responding to a confirmed email request to:

Submitting your information on the Petition form will constitute your acceptance of our privacy policy.