Friends of the Madawaska Watershed

Our Concerns

A March 8 online article in the Madawaska Valley Current revealed that the Chippawa Shores development is nearing approval. 

If you didn’t read the Current, you might have missed the Condominium Conditions presented to the MVT Council. It was on page 537-563 of a 629 pg. township document. You can see that section HERE.

The next step is for the Council to approve re-zoning of the property so the development can proceed.
Given the detailed environmental studies and serious concerns expressed in public meetings, (See the report here),
this draft contains some surprisingly lax conditions, including the one that

all enforcement of environmental violations on the 20m setback (66’ shoreline allowance) would be in the hands of the Condominium Board!

To give voice to the many serious concerns, a group has formed to express opposition to rezoning the area under these conditions.

Although our materials will necessarily focus on Madawaska Valley Township, we have representatives of Hastings Highlands Township on our committee and we welcome participation of everyone who owns or visits locations on the Madawaska River system.

We hope you will have time to look at supporting materials and decide whether you can support a petition that we will present to the MVT Council.
The Renfrew County documents  include all the studies done for the Development including the Peer Reviews created by scientists employed by the County. Their recommendations often are at odds with the studies paid for by the developer.